Texas Lpc Supervisor Agreement Form

In this section, you determine your availability to get in touch with the Internal LPC. You may want to consider the consultation hours you have, emergency management as planned for supervision sessions, preferred contact methods (mobile phone, email) and any other information you deem important regarding your availability to take over care services. Remember: don`t write anything in this section that you don`t want to commit to. You will find the forms in this toolkit invaluable to your practice: if you are new to the LPC Intern Supervision or an experienced professional, implementing some or all of the forms in this toolkit will ensure that you conclude an in-depth interview with potential supervisors, create a legitimate and comprehensive supervision contract, Conduct accurate and thorough supervisory surveys and supervision assessments, and the transmission of correct information to the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors. Start the contract with a formal header. I simply put my logo at the top of the contract to make it look neat and clean. This is the first thing your intern will see, so you want them to be professional (as a legal contract should be!). Under the logo, printed in bold, I have „SUPPORT CONTRACT“. Here is an example from my title: Creating healthy boundaries: the beginning of the supervision process with a formal contract immediately creates an atmosphere of responsibility and describes the expectations of the supervisor and intern. It establishes clear rules and obligations throughout the monitoring process. `This Agreement is between ____ (hereinafter referred to as supervisor) and Matt Bierds, MA, LPC-S, LSOTP-S (hereinafter referred to as supervisor).

The Supervisor agrees to provide supervision in accordance with the requirements of Texas Administrative Code 681 (Rule 681.93) in the State of Texas and in accordance with the following conditions. The parties mutually agree: „In this section, you may want to cover the minimum hours of supervision required each month, the types of surveillance (face-to-face, live internet webcam, group), the extent of each type of monitoring of the duration of the surveillance and all other relevant information about the frequency and duration of the trainees must comply with the custody contract. The following information is intended to assist Texas LPC Supervisors in establishing a supervision contract to work with LPC Interns. This is just advice, and it is recommended that CPA supervisors establish a contract that meets their needs. These are just proposals, so it is important that CPA supervisors establish a contract that complies with the law and the rules of the CPA. Finally, you may want to consult a lawyer about a CPA monitoring contract you have established. The supervision contract is an additional layer of protection for the supervisor and trainee. The purpose of the treaty is to outline the expectations of both parties and to establish formal rules and guidelines that both parties follow during the monitoring process.

While these forms are complete and ready for your use, you can modify them to suit your practice and specific needs. These forms were created with Microsoft Word and Excel and can be processed and stored at will. A continuous formative and summary evaluation of your supervisors is essential to their development and is essential so that you can meet your ethical and legal requirements and thus reduce your liability. . . .