Forsa Public Sector Agreement

In addition, from January 2019, the „supplementary contribution“ will no longer be paid for ineligible elements of the civil service and public service, including ineligible overtime. Last updated: September 2019 Click here for the full text of the agreement. Unions have already been told that there is little chance of raising wages in 2021, a view that Tánaiste Leo Varadkar reiterated yesterday by ruling out significant wage increases for government employees in any new deal due to the unprecedented scale of public treasury borrowing needed to address the challenges of Covid 19. He asked what the outcome of those discussions had been and on the basis of which agreement had been reached on the opening of wage negotiations. „Some observers think we are not serious about this. The union wants it to reintroduce catering problems after the crisis, including the extra working time introduced in 2013 for low- and middle-income people. This is the second wage adjustment implemented this year. The salaries of civil servants earning less than €30,000 a year increased by 1% in January, while those earning more than €30,000 benefited from a reduced contribution to the „supplementary pension contribution“, which replaced the so-called „pension levy“ under PSSA. „Any agreement must be adapted to the context the country is currently facing and be sustainable in the face of significant economic uncertainties.“ General Secretary Kevin Callinan, however, warned that if a new agreement was not reached, it would be ready to pursue wage demands, both general and sectoral, on behalf of its 80,000 members. The Committee, which represents all unions affiliated to congress with members working in the public and public service, decided that it would accept an invitation to formal negotiations „if a person was made.“ .

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