Financial Agreement Separation

To make your separation agreement legally binding, Graysons` legal experts recommend this process: The Family Law Act 1975 provides that parties to a marriage or common-law relationship will enter into a binding legal agreement on financial arrangements in the event of the breakdown of their marriage or common-law relationship. Sometimes people know these agreements as „marriage contracts,“ but the legal term is „financial arrangement.“ We have developed our unique process over several years and our Australian legal team ensures that you have a compliant financial separation agreement that provides the solid legal protection you are looking for. A court can annul and annul the agreement. The situations in which this is possible are provided for in section 90K (married couples) and section 90UM (de facto couples) of the Family Law Act 1975. You need to apply: collect all your financial documents, including pay slips, bank statements, tax returns, lease/mortgage agreements and investment documents. .