Construction Industry Workplace Agreement

If workers wish to enter into negotiations, they must apply to the Fair Work Commission to give the employer a mandate to negotiate a new agreement. An enterprise contract is a formal employment contract negotiated between an employer and its employees (or its representatives). The agreement must be registered with the Fair Work Commission and meet the minimum wage standard for the premium price. It may exclude different bonus terms as long as the staff is better than the price, in accordance with the agreement. When a negotiation process is initiated, it does not necessarily mean that an agreement is reached or that you must accept certain proposed conditions. A wage agreement has been reached between the trade union union IG BAU and the contractors to increase the wages of the trees. The new federal salaries will apply from April 1, 2020. „More than 200,000 construction workers benefit from higher minimum wages,“ said Robert Feiger, Federal President of IG BAU. The special allowance to be paid to workers` representatives is increased by 3.4% for the entire contractual period, i.e. until 30 April 2020.

If you want to initiate the negotiation process, you must send your employees an opinion on representation rights so that they are informed that you want to reach an agreement. It also gives them the opportunity to represent themselves or to nominate another person or union to represent them. There are common problems in agreements that come into force in all collective agreements with the same content. In addition, the inter-professional agreement provides only for changes to the collective agreement for a particular sector. The common issues contained in all the agreements are explained here. Changes to contracts for different sectors are explained in sector documents. The parties recommend that procedures for absences caused by the temporary care of a child under the age of 10 be included in the agreement on the self-reporting procedure. The process of negotiating the agreement includes rigorous processes, paperwork procedures and timelines. SEO defines activities that place an employer in the construction sector and the experiences and qualifications that a worker places in a certain class of employees.

For flu absences that last no more than 3 days, a self-reporting procedure must be agreed in companies. The parties are not in a position to agree that a medical certificate must always be presented as proof of defect. The agreement should be written down. The minimum wage for unskilled construction workers will increase by 35 cents to 12.55 euros per hour. In addition, the minimum wage 2 (for skilled workers), which applies to West German countries and Berlin, is increased by 20 cents. In West Germany, the minimum wage is 2,15.40 euros per hour and in Berlin 15.25 euros. The new high minimum wages run until the end of 2020 The parties have agreed on different working groups to develop, for example, field productivity. Previous agreements on students and initiation into professional life have been extended. However, the six-euro work experience ended because it did not achieve the desired results. Before an agreement can be voted on, there must be at least 21 days of negotiations.